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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Full-Face Replant - Sandeep Kaur

In 1994, the world's first full-face replant operation was perfomed by Dr Abraham Thomas, one of India's leading microsurgeons, on nine-year old Sandeep Kaur (India),who had her face and scalp ripped off when one of her pigtails got caught in a threshing machine whilst on her family's farm in Chak Khurd, northern India. 

Sandeep's mother, Harpal, put the face into a plastic bag, and then took her to Christian Medical College hospital - a drive of over three hours. 

Dr Thomas was on duty and performed a 10-hour operation to reconnect nerves and bloodvessels. 

The operation was successful and in 2005, as a 20 year-old-woman, Sandeep was studying to be a nurse.  

 "I think God had to have sent Dr. Thomas. 
It was such a big tragedy.
" Her miraculous surgery has begged the question:
If it's possible to attach one's own torn-off face, is it possible to transplant a face?  


  1. Why god did sent Dr. Thomas and not saved her from the tragedy himself... maybe is because he is just imaginary?

    1. Is that really appropriate? Keep your opinions like that for a place where they aren't simply attacking someone who still believes life has beauty after such a horrific tragedy.

    2. God just wanted to show what he could do. Look at me! I can have a face ripped off and put back on!

    3. No, science and technology did that.

    4. Exactly! Dunno why people cannot see that its efforts of the highly skilled doctor.
      But hey still I would not say one to not believe in what they believe.

  2. Brent I believe the internet is still a place where you are free to voice whatever opinions you'd like to. I think Sergio made a fantastic comment, something all Christians should be asking themselves. He in no way attacked the girl, he just stated a fact. Troll.

    1. actually this is a naive and uneducated view, and is no way a valid opinion. By that logic, every religion is false because there is no magical godly intervention, but no religion works that way nor do they claim to.

      To say god should have interviened himself and not "through" someone, and since he did not it is proof he isnt real, is just a sad, uneducated view of religion in general. It's funny because i personally am not religious nor do i follow any specific religion, i just find it sad when naive people try to act like they understand things they have spent no time learning about. It's just you thinking you are smarter than other people without having to prove it. Pretty arrogant way to live lol.

  3. Monica your point was true until you had to throw name calling in at the end.
    Sergio had a right to comment and Brett had a right to respond. Name calling lessens your argument and is not needed. May whatever higher power you believe in, bless this girl and the physician who cared for her. That includes religion or science.